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Who We Are

We are an eCommerce company built by interior design enthusiasts. At Adoreshe Carpets, our aim is to spice up your home, specifically your floors, with elegantly designed carpets. You can even change the mood of your floor if you feel like it, any time you want.

Our selection of carpets come from the most well-known brands in the industry. They have the most exquisite designs to complement the aesthetics of your space. Each carpet comes in an affordable price too, suitable for anyone’s budget.

At Adoreshe Carpets, we guarantee to make your home look more inviting.

* Adoreshe Carpets is a private label brand of  USA Tool Supply LLC. The products in this site are exclusive to this distributor only.

different designs to suit your taste

Our catalog has lots of choices for you.

From simple designs to elaborate tapestries

Our Story

Hello! My name is David Zimmerly, founder of Adoreshe Carpets. This company was born to help you make your home look more exciting and inviting.

I consider myself as having a good eye for design. I like the things around me to look good, especially my home. Designing the spaces in my house has been my greatest passion. It’s especially satisfying when I see my family appreciate how elegant our house looks.

I’d like to do the same for you. Adoreshe Carpets is here to give you a hand in transforming your home into a place you will always love to lay eyes on. We have designs catering to different style principles, from simple to complex. You’ll find something you like here for sure.